Saturday, June 13, 2009

Fire and Rescue at the Show Cloncurry

Fire and Rescue was also at the Cloncurry Show
They had demonstrations every hour showing what would happen if there was an oil fire in the kitchen and how to be safe
There was the alarm when the fire started, then the oil heated up and caught fire.
The firemen used a smoke blanket to smother the fire.
They also showed how putting water on the oil fire actually makes the fire bigger.
It looked most dramatic s they sent forward the message of Safety in the Kitchen.

This was particularly important and interesting to me as the Cooking Teacher.
Cooking on stove tops can be particularly dangerous when there are many students in a class. I have experienced cooking oil catching alight when at West Wyalong, and would hate to see one in a classroom.
This was a very good demonstration to see as deep frying is popular in many homes.
The firemen are part of the Regular Fire Brigade in Cloncurry

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