Sunday, December 20, 2009

Cattle Yard

Calves in the Holding Pens

The calves are separated from the Mothers for treatment.They get branded, deballed if male, dehorned, and injected.
They are not happy away from their mothers.
Some are very young, others re as old as 8 months.
They wait patiently huddled together in the holding yard.


Aussie Style Barbecue

The barbecue was a sheet of iron over bricks, here housed under tin.
In this case, the sheet was propped up with wood, which also burnt.

Twigs and wood are arranged in the fireplace and lit using grass.
The day was hot, and everything around was bone dry so the fire caught easily, and soon was roaring merrilly away. Sliced onions were cooked first.
It fascinates me how the Aussie barbecue always starts with the onions, which take less time than the meat to cook, and always end up totally burnt. They should be cooked, then removed to a dish until needed. They are always left on the sides and get burnt.

When I barbecue, I cook the meat first, then add the onions around the meat, absorbing the meat flavors.
I also wrap the potatoes in foil and place them in the coals to cook.

Here, everything was drenched generously with oil,  the food caught alight, and everything went black.

It did start as beautiful local Rump steaks, with white onions and Red skinned potatoes.

Outback Barbecue

It was very hot and dusty.
The Chef was very efficient in preparing the fire and setting everything up.
It started looking great....but when he poured oil over the onions and potatoes, the result was fiery.
Flames went everywhere.

This, the final presentation was eaten by the hungry workers.

I promised them that if ever I was invited to photograph a muster again, I would cook their lunch.


The Barbecue Expert

Muster Team Going to start the Round up


Cattle in the Holding Yard

The Cattle wander 3,500 acres and at Muster Time, three times a year, are rounded up by the team and kept in Holding yards, until processed.

The Brahman (named for the sacred cow of Hinduism) or Brahma is a breed of Zebu cattle (Bos primigenius indicus), later exported from India to the rest of the world. The main breed was the Kankrej, called Guzerat in Brazil. Also used were the Nelore or Ongole and the Gir or Gyr.

Brahman are ideally suited to Australian conditions.

Brahman Cattle

The American Brahman has a distinct large hump over the top of the shoulder and neck, and a loose flap of skin (dewlap) hanging from the neck. Their ears are larger than Bos taurus breeds. Bulls weigh 1,600 to 2,200 pounds (800 to 1,100 kg) and cows weigh 1,000 to 1,400 pounds (500 to 700 kg). At birth, calves weigh 60 to 65 pounds (30 to 33 kg). American Brahmans are known as a docile, intelligent breed of beef cattle. Brahman cattle can be gray or red color. Their tail switch is black, and they have black pigmentation on their noses, tips of ears, and hooves. They are primarily a horned breed of cattle however there are some bloodlines of Brahman that are naturally polled (without horns).

Brahmans have a greater ability to withstand heat than European cattle. They have more sweat glands, and also an oily skin, thought to help repel pest insects along with a smooth coat. They have a short hair coat. They are also more resistant to parasites and disease. Brahmans have also been extensively crossbred with European cattle in subtropical United States, in Central America and in some tropical areas of the world to gain their advantages in hot climates. Brahman crossed cattle, referred to as F-1 Brahmans, are very popular in the southern 1/3 of the United States and in South America, Asia, and Australia because of the sub-tropical climate. An F-1 Brahman can be a cross between any two unrelated breeds, however it is most popular when crossed with Hereford and Angus.

A Brahman cow is an extremely good mother, offering protection and an abundance of milk for her calves. Brahman calves tend to measure high weights at weaning because of the outstanding milk given by Brahman cows. In some countries, especially South America, Brahman cattle are used for both milk and beef production.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Outback Art by Ladymaggic

Display of Ladymaggic Art at The Outback Art Show

Outback Art Show

This was the Art Show at Blackhall in 2005

All the Paintings by Maggi Carstairs are in Private Collections.

 Butterfly Dreaming..

Sapphire Mining at Gemfields Queensland

Sapphire Mining Queensland

Willows Gemfields is about a 45 minute drive west of Emerald along the Capricorn Highway. The Gemfields area is known for having unusually coloured sapphires. Fossicking in the Gemfields is easy with equipment hire available, you can even get your fossicking license in Anakie. Willows Gemfields has caravan park accommodation and also offers walk-in-mine tours and a fossicking park, where you can learn to recognise and find sapphires from the earth. Willows Gemfields service station only has unleaded fuel, and the nearest hospital in the Gemfields is located at Emerald.

Willows Gemfields is 11 kilometres off the Capricorn Highway. The turn is 24 kilometres pass the Anakie/Sapphire crossroads and about a 45 minute drive west of Emerald.

The willows Gemfields is a popular fossicking spot, as very little machinery, and no corporate mining, has been permitted in the past. 'The Willows' is known for having unusually coloured sapphires. Some of the world's most famous Sapphires have been found on the Willows Gemfields, including a 332 carat rough yellow, aptly named the 'golden Willow'.

Hand mining and/or fossicking involves digging from old creek beds, now underground, and sieving it to separate out the sand and oversized rocks. It is then washed before the sapphires can be hand sorted from the other heavy gravels.

Fossicking on the Sapphire Gemfields is easy with equipment hire and fossicking licenses available.

Willows Gemfields has caravan park accommodation and also offers fossicking park facilities, where you can learn to recognise and find sapphires from the earth. The Glenalva and Willows shallow digging areas are where you fossick near Willows Gemfields. Willows Gemfields service station only has unleaded fuel, and the nearest hospital to the Gemfields is located at Emerald.

Mt Whale Bone, Newman West Australia

Newman is 1186km north of Perth or 458km south of Port Hedland and is the largest town in the hospitable East Pilbara region of Australias North West. Built by Mount Newman Mining Company during 1967-69, and originally named Mount Newman town, it has evolved into a popular stopover destination for exploring the impressive beauty of Karijini National Park and the Hamersley Gorges.

Until the early 1960s the industry in the Pilbara was pastoral, apart from a brief stint as a potential but unsuccessful gold mining area.

In 1957, prospector Stan Hidditch discovered large iron-ore deposits within the Hamersley Ranges. During 1967-69, many facilities were constructed to facilitate the extraction of this vast stretch of iron-ore from the arid ground, including Newman Township. In addition, the worlds largest open-cut iron-ore mine was built at nearby Mount Whaleback as well as the largest privately owned railway that runs 426km from Newman to Port Headland on the coast. This huge operation also included enhancing the port facilities at Port Hedland. The mine is 85% owned by BHP Company and still runs today producing an amazing 30-million tonnes of iron ore each year.

Mining has endowed a rich heritage of infrastructure at Newman for the visitor to the town.

In 1975, over 60,000 trees and shrubs were planted around Newman to restore the landscape where in summer, it is not uncommon for temperatures in Australias North West to reach over 40C every day.

In 1981, responsibility for the town was relinquished to the local shire and the name was changed to simply oNewman. Since then, a number of tourist facilities have augmented Newmans position as an interesting and different destination for tourists exploring the surrounding areas or passing through the East Pilbara.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sapphire Mining at Gemfields Queensland

Sapphire Mining.

I spent a week searching sapphires at Gemfields and Emerald in the far North of Queensland in sweltering heat.
I found no sapphires, but I experienced a wonderful comradeship with the people who live and love this area.

Sapphire Mining Queensland

Broome to Perth by Motorvan

I drove 3,000 kms along Highway 1 from Broome to Perth.
It took 6 days of driving in over 50 degree heat in January...Australia's Hot Summer.

Outback Australia

Broome West Australia

Broome West Australia


Abrolhos Island West Australia

Abrolhos Island is off the Coast of Geraldton in West Australia
It is accessible by air and by boat.

Abrolhos Islands

Wildflowers of West Australia

Kangaroo Paw and other wildflowers

Wildflowers of West Australia

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Coastal Art-Maggi

Coastal Art has now begun.

You are invited to follow Coastal Art and be a part of the New Site
Maggi will be based at Hervey Bay and Maryborough until the end of January.

Stay posted to keep abreast with Coastal Art and photos from this wonderful location where the whales stay and play. Add yourself to be a follower. Add your link and share this Coastal Experience and experience the Powers of the Coast.

Hervey Bay is known for its healing properties. The aborigines from the past times would come to Hervey Bay to heal, and then they would move on.
I was told yesterday that Hervey Bay is the place to heal and grow, and then go on.
In the month I have been here, I have already experienced this marvellous phenomena. The whole area has special qualities that help you regain what you have lost or misplaced. I have already experienced the rejuvenating powers of Hervey Bay.

As you read and share Coastal Art-Maggi may you too feel some of the rejuvenating powers of the Coast.


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Luxury Properties on the Gold Coast

Luxury Homes in the Gold Coast
Maybe you can rent one from $714 - $1,1220 a night, or maybe suggest an Exchange Home.
I am sure the owners would love a week in Cloncurry in my Government Cement clad Home with views of the Railway. It would be a real change of scenery.....for me.

Maybe you would like to buy a Holiday Home if you are living in the Outback

Please quote Outback Art and Ladymaggic if you do make a purchase so they can send me a 1% commission.

Springbrook National Park and Natural Bridge

Natural Bridge, Springbrook National Park is a most unusual geological feature created over millions of years by water tumbling through the roof of a basalt cave. Natural Bridge is home to an amazing colony of glow-worms, whose lights can be seen only after sunset. Lookouts and lush rainforest also grace this World Heritage-listed haven, making it one of the most popular parks in Australia.
he rock archway of natural bridge spans the mountain-fed waters of cave creek. Behind the bridge, the creek forms a waterfall, which plunges into a gaping hole, disappearing into the depths of a cavern. From the pool below the bridge emerges a sparkling stream, which flows into the Nerang River and down the Numinbah Valley. Surrounding the creek is dense subtropical rainforest. To the east, towering cliff faces form the edge of Springbrook.

On the deep deposits of rich volcanic soils grow the dense lowland subtropical rainforest of natural bridge. The forest canopy is a mosaic of many fruit tree species. Lillipillies, Figs, Ferns, Vines, Orchids and Staghorn also grow. Pademelons, Eastern Yellow Robins, Eastern Whipbirds, Green Catbirds, Koels, Fruit Doves, Bush turkeys, Goannas, Lorikeets, Brush tailed Possums, Sugar gliders, Bandicoots, Boobook Owl are just some of the wildlife which can be found.

Seven Views Of Maggi at the Gold Coast

After the Hair Cut and Color at Tropix, after the Gold Coast Marathon, high on the 77th Floor of Q1 where I lost my mobile, and playing the Piano and Dinner at Maggie's, and driving to Springbok Forest and Natural Bridge.

This is the value of a stressless vacation, where the biggest decision was making a choice from a menu as to what to enjoy next.
The Gold Coast was a wonderful vacation and a great place to live in.