Sunday, December 20, 2009

Aussie Style Barbecue

The barbecue was a sheet of iron over bricks, here housed under tin.
In this case, the sheet was propped up with wood, which also burnt.

Twigs and wood are arranged in the fireplace and lit using grass.
The day was hot, and everything around was bone dry so the fire caught easily, and soon was roaring merrilly away. Sliced onions were cooked first.
It fascinates me how the Aussie barbecue always starts with the onions, which take less time than the meat to cook, and always end up totally burnt. They should be cooked, then removed to a dish until needed. They are always left on the sides and get burnt.

When I barbecue, I cook the meat first, then add the onions around the meat, absorbing the meat flavors.
I also wrap the potatoes in foil and place them in the coals to cook.

Here, everything was drenched generously with oil,  the food caught alight, and everything went black.

It did start as beautiful local Rump steaks, with white onions and Red skinned potatoes.

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