Friday, June 19, 2009

Steam Train Arrives at Cloncurry

The Great Cloncurry Q150 Steam Train holdup

The locals say the Cloncurry to Marimo train trip topped off a wonderful weekend, which celebrated the arrival of the Q150 Steam Train in Cloncurry and the bushrangers added to the excitement.

Days before (on Thursday 4 June), passengers arrived to a huge roar of Cloncurry residents and the local school band. Many passengers travelling with the Q150 Steam Train commented on the enthusiasm shown by Cloncurry residents and the atmosphere created for their arrival in Cloncurry. Celebrations continued into the evening with a street party and even an old time boxing match.

Mayor Andrew Daniels said the Q150 Steam Train provided much enjoyment to the community, which Cloncurry residents will remember for years to come.

“We were able to provide passengers on the train with a memorable experience of Cloncurry – one of which they will take back to family and friends!”

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