Saturday, July 11, 2009

Birds on the Shore and water

The seagulls walked along the edge of the foam seeking small fish and digging the sand for sand worms and shellfish.
The trees along the shore attracted honey eaters and the colorful parrots.
As you walked along the edge where the plants grew, the air was full of bird song.
The birds were quite tame and happy to coninue their business watched by my curious camera.

There were ibis everywhere. They were at the parking area of the Apartment, at the Gas Station where small gardens edged the corners, and walking the enclosed shorelines like patrolling Officers with a folder under their wing.

The birds were always busy, making mockery of indolent and unaware humans strolling past unemployed and apparently aimless. The birds were not on vacation at all. They were constantly and steadily hard at work all the time.

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