Saturday, July 11, 2009

Marathon Gold Coast Australia

People from the Outback escape to the Beautiful Gold Coast for Holidays.
When I was there I saw that the Gold Coast Marathon was on. Impulsively I joined the run selecting the shorter 5 kms, as I had not done any training or preparation for being in a Marathon.

Wearing my new Red participant T-Shirt, I travelled to the start in a shuttle bus, which was late, and got us to the Start at 10.25. The race started at 10.10. This meant that there were many people ahead, and one had to dodge around the walkers if one was trying to do it in a set time.

It was interesting seeing the number of people at the Marathon. There were many Japanese of all ages, and quite a few prams, and a sprinkle of juniors getting in everyone's way, as they sort of refused to move aside without looking bruised. Some would even walk in the way, and trying to pass was often hazardous when at the back of a huge line of people. I will make sure I am never late for a Marathon start ever again.

There were a few stalls with water and in the beginning the health drink which was lovely. I had a drink at every stall. There was some entertainment, but not as much as I expected. A rabbit hopping on the sidelines, two guys making Music under an Umbrella, and after the end, 2 Jazz musicians looking for a gig.

Even the cameras were not flashing as much as they could have been. I never even saw the Official camera and judging by the photos, it did not work overtime. maybe that is an outlet for some bright photographer next year..take a photo and hand out a card.

Being in the shorter walk was diferent to being in a half or full Marathon. I missed the competition, as the walk, from the time I joined it, was mostly happy friendly strollers, with only 2 groups that I followed keeping pace with me. There were even prams rolling babies along, and every smile cost me another second, and who can resist the smile of a baby, or Santa. Yes, I passed Santa in his Red Suit walking the marathon too.

There were many older people walking by themselves. That fascinated me too. I was surprised at the number of Over 60 in the race.

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