Saturday, July 11, 2009

Buildings on the Gold Coast

High rise buildings dominate the Coast with windows opening to the Open Sea and Sky.
The views from Q1, the tallest building show this very clearly. The Gold Coast is High Rises with stunning views of the Sea.

It was interesting seeing a couple of small cottages along the coast, one next to the High Rises.
I called this cottage a Million dollar shack, which it has to be as the land would be worth a Highrise with a sea view. I yearned to knock on the door and see if my fisherman lived there, or someone who slept in and missed the morning.

Seldom was there anyone looking out of the windows or the balconies. The apartments were virtually deserted. Only once when I was trying to get a photo of the phone number above what looked like a backpackers place, two hungover guys glared at me, and I turned away feeling embarrased to be focusing on semi dereliction, when there was so much grandeur and beauty around.

I stayed the first week at The Shore, which was located right on the beach and gave me some fantastic sunrises. The second week I stayed at the Hawaain which was more upmarket, with downmarket views, and far too much shade, on level five when I always want High Living for the Views.

To my surprise both apartments lacked Internet facilities.

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