Thursday, May 7, 2009

Garden at the School

In February the school Gardener helped me create a garden that has been faithfully watered everyday. I planted many seeds but they did not grow, except for the beans.
Inspired by the beans, I also planted some kidney beans I had bought for chilli con carne. They started growing almost overnight, and today there were over 30 beans on the plants next to the hose. Exciting to nibble on a bean you have grown in your garden.
The pumpkin seeds taken off the pumpkin we used in cooking, have also taken root, and today there are two small pumpkins on the vine. PJ was intrigued as he said we have to fertilize the plants as there are no bees here in Cloncurry.
However, there are bees. I saw some small wild bees in the flowering white gum as I walked home tonight.
Maybe the rains have brought the bees back.
The Gums are all in flower, and they look beautiful.
Some people are having allergy issues from the flowering Gums.

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