Saturday, May 9, 2009

Igneous Rocks Site


An Introduction to Igneous Rocks for the Beginner
     A very simple igneous classification - pdf version for printing

Alphabetical Listing of Igneous Rocks - links to pictures/descriptions

Bowen's Reaction Series and Igneous Rock Forming Minerals
     pdf version
     Magma types - ultramafic, mafic, intermediate, felsic

Strategies of Igneous Rock Classification
     Kinds of Classification - home page
           Color-Texture Classification
           Modal (mineral) classification
           Normative (suite) Classification
     Magma types - ultramafic, mafic, intermediate, felsic

Keys to Igneous Rock Identification - home page
     Composition-Texture Key - pdf version
     Color-Texture Key - pdf version
     Igneous Rock Classification: Mineral Percent Abundance Chart
         (with clickable images) - pdf version

Extrusive and Intrusive Igneous Rocks - home page
     Volcanos and Extrusive Igneous Rocks
     Batholiths, sills, dikes, and other Intrusive Igneous Rock bodies
     Igneous rock recognition and identification

Igneous Rock Formation and Distribution

Igneous Rock Evolution - home page
     Phase Diagrams - home page
            Solid Solution Phase Diagram - eg plagioclase feldspars
           Binary Eutectic Phase Diagram - eg the mafic minerals
     Evolution and Distribution

Strategies for Studying -

Self Test - finding out how much you know

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