Saturday, May 9, 2009

Trekelano Project Cloncurry

The Trekelano project abuts mining leases held by Barrick that contain the historic Trekelano copper-gold mine and Barrick’s recently commissioned Inheritance pit (Cu-Au).  Metasediments of the Corella Formation lie beneath most of the area, which has reasonable outcrop with only local thin cover present.  The Corella Formation may have contributed to mineralising fluids and, along underlying or adjacent metavolcanics and younger intrusions, been a metal source both regionally and within the project area.  It includes scapolitic (sodium metasomatised) calc-silicate rocks, and mafic and felsic metavolcanics.  The calc-silicates are inferred to have been calcareous rocks prior to metamorphism and metasomatism.  It also includes metasiltstone, marble, schist and ironstone.  The Corella sequence hosts the Tick Hill gold deposit (20 km to the south) and Xstrata’s undeveloped Dugald River Pb-Zn deposit to the north.

Copper-gold fertility is indicated by recorded occurrences within the project.  These occurrences are hosted by calc-silicates and gabbroic breccias within Corella Formation.  Structurally controlled copper-gold mineralisation may localise in a range of possible reactive rocks from fluids related to the IOCG event, including those present or adjacent to the Corella Formation.  Brecciated gabbro east of the Freckle Prospect (Au-Cu) has been mapped as Mt. Philp Breccia.

Aside from Freckle, the project contains the following known prospects which have been explored to varying degrees since around 1970:
  • Mayfields North (Cu);
  • Wallaby (Cu);
  • Brothers (Cu);
  • Bronzewing (Cu-Au); and
  • Slingshot (Cu).

In addition to the proximity of the Trekelano copper-gold mine, the EPM boundary is less than 5 km south east of the historical copper-gold mining centre of Duchess

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