Monday, April 27, 2009

Cats in the Back Garden

There are many cats that are homeless and not belonging to people.
One day I threw a small bone out for a little cat I saw sitting on my veranda, and to my amazement, eight cats jumped for it from under the house.

When I mentioned this to someone, I was told that there are any feral cats and that they should be reported.
Next day, the eight cats became 12 as a mother cat turned up with 4 kittens and they played in my yard as if it was their yard.

Today they were in the garden digging the dirt Jack had softened. When I tapped on the window, they barely looked at me. They belong there. I was the intruder.
I consoled myself with the though that at least I will not have many mice or snakes.
Then I realised the birds are not singing in the trees anymore.
They have probably all been eaten.

I should report the cats to the Council, as I love having birds in my garden.

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