Saturday, April 4, 2009

Cloncurry River River on the Old Road

Cloncurry River has plenty of water this year because of the recent rains.
The fishing is excellent for brim and perch and catfish.
The sand is soft and red.

The old road used to go past here. Today the road is broken and not in use except for people who come to this point in the river to fish or relax. It is sandy, sheltered and rich in bird and animal life.
A lizard scuttled away, birds called from the gums along the river, and dragonflies danced along the water.

The trees along here have been here for a long time. The River Gums stand majestic dropping bark and fallen flowers onto the Water creating shadows and light patterns along the sand and reflections in the still Water.

This is the River Cloncurry from the 'Old Road"

Conclurry River Reflections

River Gums Cloncurry River

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