Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mary Kathleen Park Cloncurry..Farm machinery

Mary Kathleen Park at Cloncurry has a selection of Farm Machinery from the Past.
The Shop and Museum is housed in the Old Post Office Building.
There is a Museum with memorabilia from the Mary Kathleen Uranium Mine and township as well as local History and Photographs.
The Showpiece is Robert O'Haras bottle, of Burke and Wills Fame.
A rock and Mineral Display is ranked as one of the most comprehensive in Australia.

The shop sells gemstones and jewellery from local miners, fossickers and artists, as well as books about the history of the area and Cloncurry trails.
I bought Cloncurry trails for $25 written by locals Gary and Wendy Baker, and an excellent colorful booklet called 'Discover Cloncurry' for $5

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