Saturday, April 4, 2009

River Fishing Corella River Cloncurry

There is fishing at Cloncurry River and Corella River.
The best Fishing spot on Corella River is Police Place...a beautiful scenic spot on the River shaded by a very old and Majestic Paper Bark and many River Gums along the banks.

We caught Brim, Perch, catfish and two turtles in one afternoon, standing on the banks and the rocks using slices of heart on hooks and a hand line. There are many small fish in the water, and dragonflies and butterflies, and many birds and small animals in the trees and undergrowth along the river.

The river is based on grazing land, and access is limited. You need to make sure all gates are locked after you drive through to make your way to the river.

perch 2


caught him

Turtle caught on fishing Hook

Turtle returns to the Water

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