Saturday, April 4, 2009

Quamby is the Quamby Pub

The town is Quamby is the Quamby Hotel.
That is all there is in the town.

Quamby is a small town about 45 kilometres north of Cloncurry with a population of six people. It was once a Cobb and Co staging post though and in the 1930s there were around 40 houses there. The Albert Hotel, built as the Customs House in the 1860s, is all that remains of what was once a prosperous mining and cattle fattening district.

There are Stations around the Quamby Pub, and workers come to the Pub to relax with a beer and meet with other station hands and visitors. The sign posts are to Stations, not towns. Most have 10-20 workers who live and work at the Station.
Right in front is one main Station which has Backpackers and Travelers from Overseas who come to work there at peak times when they muster and work with the cattle.

Quamby Pub Entrance

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